Spartina Color Progression
Spartina alterniflora, or salt marsh grass begins it's emergence in spring with a rush of florescent green color in a myriad of shades, which change as the season progresses. This work documents the change of the seasons through color studies, digital images and the installation of a computer generated Landscape Mosaic in an accessible Spartina salt marsh on the North River in Scituate, MA. As the season progresses, color posts will be placed on the edge of the meandering creek, tracing the landscape structure and growth pattern in the tidally flooded high-marsh. The marsh will become a mosaic of color and seasonal change.
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Spartina Winter Ice
Projections of a sunrise on a salt marsh, on the last day of winter. Projections of a grid of 15 images upon a grid of 15 salt marsh paper panels, affixed to a scrim of linen. Behind the scrim is a textured background of Spartina grass panels set with the actual grass on the back wall. Spartina Winter Ice captures the dawning of spring and the melting of the coating of ice on the grasses, like flowing water frozen in time upon the marsh.
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Anadromous Awakening Exhibition
Anadromous Awakening is grounded in science and uses technology and art to explain complex ecological principals through poetic visual form. The installation of the floating aerial fish, set at critical nodes along the migration route from salt to fresh water, marks a historic and ecological phenomena that few see in the urban setting. The fish reach their ancestral spawning grounds where imprinted eggs float above the surface of the rapids. At night, the internaly lit, luminous fish forms hover above the rapids. On the falls, video projections of herring and shad will evoke the memory of the anadromous fish passage upstream not seen since colonial times.
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