Anadromous Awakening
Anadromous Awakening is grounded in science and uses technology and art to explain complex ecological principals through poetic visual form. The installation of the floating aerial fish, set at critical nodes along the migration route from salt to fresh water, marks a historic and ecological phenomena that few see in the urban setting. The fish reach their ancestral spawning grounds where imprinted eggs float above the surface of the rapids. At night, the internaly lit, luminous fish forms hover above the rapids. On the falls, video projections of herring and shad will evoke the memory of the anadromous fish passage upstream not seen since colonial times.
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Silent Shadows of Whooping Cranes
Silent Shadows of Whooping Cranes continues my enviromental concerns with migration patterns, rare and endangered species, the historic reasons for their decline and an analysis of habitat loss. The Fields Project - Silent Shadows of Whooping Cranes is a large scale installation within the fallow, agricultural fields of the Rock River Valley. Here, the shadows of whooping cranes in migration flight were cut into the farm field grasses, evoking the historic migration route of these magnificent and nearly extinct birds across the heartland of America.
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Crane Effigy Mounds
The Crane Effigy Mounds earthwork represents the whooping crane’s habitat of water-intaglio, earth- prairie grass mounds and sky-animated flight pattern. The mound forms reference and pay respect to the early effigy mounds built between A.D. 700 and 1200 by the Woodland native culture. A coiled massasauga ramp observation mound at an existing hill allows visitors visual access to the earthwork from Birch Street in Necedah Village. The Crane Effigy Mounds will also be visible from the air and create a threshold and landmark to the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge of wetlands and woodlands, where whooping cranes and other wildlife breed within the “land of yellow waters”.
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