Anadromous Awakening - 2005
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Joseph Emmanuel Ingoldsby
Environmental Artist - Landscape Mosaics
Presenting Organization: Neponset River Watershed Association in partnership with UMASS-BOSTON-GIS Center, MA Division of Marine Fisheries and Robert Michelson- Photography by Michelson, Inc.

Project Description: Working with scientists and specialists, create mapping of the harbor and tidal rivers, showing the factors, which trigger the spawning response of anadromous fish. Water temperature, lunar and tidal influences, light and rainfall are computed and the fish movements charted. Install a procession of banners marking the passage of fish upstream. At the spawning grounds at the Lower Mills install large floating archetypal fish forms of smelt, herring and shad with pastel colored fish embryos beneath. The power of the falls and rapid's water pressure keeps the sculptures aloft.
At night, project images of schooling fish upon the rapids and digitized projections of herring and shad upon the water vapor from the falls of the Neponset River. Viewed from the newly renovated 17th century Adams Street stone bridge, the ghostly projections of the anadromous fish echo the pre-colonial migration of the anadromous fish up river to spawn. This is the site of the first industrial dam built across a wild river in the New World. The work documents the interface of the natural, cultural and industrial worlds and evokes the memory of the anadromous fish return to their natal streams to spawn. Centuries later, fish still return to the site unable to swim upstream.

Dates: April 23-24 (rain date) Smelt Installation-banners, floating fish sculptures, videos
Lecture: Artists Talk: Anadromous Awakening and Smelt Video.
April 30- May 1 (rain date) Herring Installation- banners, floating fish sculptures, videos
Lecture: The Spawning Response, Brad Chase, Division of Marine Fisheries
May 7- May 8 (rain date) Shad Installation- banners, floating fish sculptures, videos
Lecture: Anadromous Fish- Cinematic Life History, Robert Michelson- Marine Photographer
Hours: 1- 8 PM. Lectures are at 5 PM at the Milton Yacht Club, Wharf Street, off Adams Street, Milton, MA
Location: Wharf Street off Adams Street, Milton Lower Mills on the Neponset River, Milton, MA 02187